About my therapy

Everybody is unique and based on this premise psychotherapy should be tailored to individual needs. I practice Integrative Psychotherapy – an eclectic form of practice which integrates elements from different schools of psychotherapy. In other words Integrative psychotherapy/counselling is a conglomerate of different theoretical and practical approaches informed by the client’s individual needs and values. Integrative style of therapy reflects the complexity of human experience by uniting the affective, cognitive, behavioral, and physiological systems within a person. It also gives the chance to conceptualise a holistic case formulation – informed not only by the unique, individual and personal client’s journey but also by the choices the client makes in the therapy room.

This particular form of therapy/counselling nurtures a spontaneous and creative therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist. I believe forming a positive therapeutic relationship is the paramount of the healing process. In other words, the process of forming and maintaining a therapeutic relationship by providing safe and reflective space for a person to reconnect with her/his painful memories and emotions is crucial for the therapy to be successful.

Above all, I believe that mental health is a complex issue which requires an elaborate, analytical, and contained approach to tackle the knotty way to recovery. Counselling/psychotherapy can reflect this complexity, and therefore transpires hope.