Karolina is a great therapist because she truly cares. I am grateful that she didn’t just look at my “problems” but considered all aspects of myself as a whole person. She helped me see myself and life from so many new perspectives. Through this Karolina really helped me improve my relationship with myself, others and with life. I would never have achieved so much personal growth without her.

Emma ★★★★★

I have had many experiences with therapy over the years but have not found it very beneficial until I met Karolina. She has always provided a welcoming environment for me and I feel that I am valued and that everything I say is being listened to and considered. No issue feels dismissed or too small to discuss and Karolina has always explored every possibility in order to provide the best care tailored to suit my circumstances. I have been having weekly private sessions for over two years now and find our sessions very valuable and could not recommend her more. 

Allen ★★★★★

Karolina is extraordinarily insightful, intuitive, empathetic and imaginative. Her practice is clearly profoundly grounded both in a wide variety of therapeutic schools and an impressive grasp of culture and philosophy. Even more importantly, however, in our sessions together she has demonstrated a remarkable gift for making exactly the right healing intervention. I am extremely grateful to have met her, and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Simon ★★★★★

Dear Karolina
The world would be finer
If everyone thought like you.
Your wisdom frees sadness, delusion, confusion
And unravels the false from the true
you offer belief
You led me through my grief.
Karolina, I know,
That the virtues you show
Will continue to help those in need.
And the warmth you express
Helps to ease life’s stress,
You’re a credit, and a treasure indeed.

Patricia ★★★★★

My experience of feeling so heard, feeling so accurately and empathically understood, and feeling so unconditionally accepted by Karolina has been accompanied for me by an experience of there being a welcome and plentiful amount of insightful, enabling, and growth-promoting trust and challenge from Karolina within my counselling-process. I’ve felt respected and cared for throughout by Karolina, and her trust in me has supported my trust in myself. I’ve also valued how I naturally trust Karolina herself, and that I experience her as strong enough for me not to have to worry about her, so that I feel organically enabled to be unguardedly direct, honest and open. I’ve also particularly valued the sense of creativity, intuition, and contextual-awareness (such as relevant philosophy, knowledge, or culture) that I’ve found Karolina is able to bring and offer. The counselling, the therapeutic-relationship, and the process have felt right-for-me: consistently holistic, alive, authentic, and vibrant; an integration of heart and brain, mind and body, fun and seriousness. That fresh perspectives, new possibilities, and previously unseen landscapes feel to come into view on a regular basis feels healing and full of hope and interest. It’s as if my habitual defences or blindfolds peel away at the right rate and at the right time in our work together. I love that it often makes the world feel new again, supporting me to discover and explore paths, pastures, and new ways of being and living in my life and future, that I’d sensed were there and had been working towards myself, but hadn’t quite been able to access previously. I’ve also experienced that in working with Karolina I feel safe to be vulnerable with what’s occurred for me in my life that week (as well as with my deeper, ongoing material, such as revisiting childhood) so that it feels welcome for me to have the support of pit-stops or detours in my overall counselling-process. For example, if I’ve had a tough week at work or a difficulty in my personal life and something’s occurred that I’d like to off-load and process, that Karolina’s just as responsive, empathic, and skilfully and imaginatively helpful at these times too. I look forward to the counselling sessions, and although we work very hard in the sessions and there’s plenty of depth and challenge, I’ve never really found myself suffering or confused between sessions. Thank you very much indeed, Karolina; our work together has been very much appreciated and of tremendous value to me.

Graham ★★★★★

I have been in therapy with Karolina for over four years and she helped me through a difficult personal relationship, as well as helping me come to terms with matters from my childhood. Her approach is insightful and caring and I have always felt supported albeit challenged on occasion where’s necessary to draw issues out. There have been a number of cathartic moments in our sessions.
I would not hesitate to recommend Karolina.

Simon ★★★★★

After over a year of therapy with Karolina, I am pleased to reflect on the progress I’ve made on this journey.  Karolina has been instrumental in exploring my thought patterns, encouraging me to embrace vulnerability, and take risks. As a newcomer to therapy, she has created a comforting environment that has enabled me to start sharing emotions I previously found difficult or inaccessible.  This was a challenging but rewarding skill to learn and practice with her guidance. I’ve always felt the need for a sense of balance, and I’m grateful that Karolina was there to provide it. For me, investing in therapy has been one of the best decisions for my personal growth.

Mell ★★★★★